Another COTIF edition is here

Another COTIF edition is here:  the popular soccer championship that is played every summer in l’Alc·dia since the last thirty-six years. This year, the tournament star on July 28th and will finish August 8th, when the final will be played and we will the team that replaces  Argentina national team at the first position. The men’s tournament will be another time as a small World Cup and an oportunity to see some of the most brilliant stars in the world . The stadium of Els Arcs has seen young players that have made history later. Now, they are consolidated players.  We have many examples. In recent years this fact has been ratified with Mauro Icardi, Lautaro Martφnez, Santi Mina, Gonzalo Maroni or Kangin Lee. For this edition, world-class selections as Spain, Argentina or Russia will fight for the title from the first game. COTIF will always win. There are no half measures. However, it will also be an unparalleled occasion to learn about the new football models that are being developed in the five continents and again will have national teams from Africa or Asia. This is the case of Mauritania or Bahrain.

But the show doesn’t  end here. This year’s COTIF Ca±amßs Orange Women’s Soccer will be an international tournament. Some of the best teams in the Iberdrola League were the last year in the tournament and next week COTIF will have national teams from several continents. Spain os one of the favorites- But it won’t be easy. In front they will have a lot of teams full of enthusiasm and ambition that will surely give more than asurprise. One example is the emerging Bolivia, the development of sport in Mauritania, an unknown and therefore exotic and interesting Equatorial Guinea or India, which repeats in this edition after leaving very good feelings last year.

Altough, the COTIF Promesas Istobal willwill bring together almost a thousand children that are starting in football’s world. In the juvenile championship will participate twenty-four will teams. Valencia, Villarreal, Sevilla or the national team of Equatorial Guinea will be in L’Alcudia. COTIF will have twelve teams in benjamin category and twelve more in the prebenjamin. Everything is ready. Let the ball roll.



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