Council of L’Alcudia


I have the honor, one more year, to welcome Alcudia players, they and them, to the technical teams and fans who will once again become the Los Arcos Municipal Stadium in the epicenter of training football worldwide.

The organization of the COTIF has shown, throughout the 35 celebrated editions, that they have been able to turn a trophy of the local area into the international referent of male youth football. But now they have doubled the bet: in a society that calls for equality, it is time to give the echo that women’s sport in general and football in particular deserve.

In the last editions of the tournament we have been able to observe the great technical level of the girls who have participated in the women’s competition, their determination and, above all, that they are fully prepared and a wealth of resources to turn female football into a show as big as his male brother.

For this reason, the COTIF, with the support of the Alcúdia Town Council, has put an eye on the objective of achieving rivalry in competitive capacity and attractive for spectators, the two categories, the male and the feminine one.

And if the COTIF is proposing it is sure to get it. And so we can be proud, twice, to have the best tournament in the world.

Welcome to Alcúdia, home of the best football in the world.

Andreu Salom Porta

Council of L’Alcudia