The Organizing Committee of the International U-20 Football Tournament (C.O.T.I.F.) was born after the youth team of L’ALCÚDIA participated in the International Tournament held in the French city of Bollene, France, in 1983.

From the beginning, it is born not only as another sporting event, but also aims to go beyond and bring the environment to the practice of football, which thus becomes the driving force, the world of culture fostering the spirit of cooperation and coexistence among the people of different peoples and cultures.

The Tournament is not a few weeks a year flower that hatches in the 10 days of meetings and competition and then withers awaiting the arrival of another year. The members of the COTIF work all year in the preparation of the event and from the same moment the tournament ends, the last day, with the presentation of prizes, the COTIF preparation activity of the following year begins.

The tournament has thus become an event of special importance for a whole town, L’ALCÚDIA, but also for the entire Ribera region, which looks forward to the presentation of the summer sports event that will make them enjoy good football, in quantity and quality, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere that is offered by the Valencian citizen.

In the more than 30 years of operation, the result could not be more satisfactory because in the 11 days of COTIF the average audience in the first part of the competition is 5,000 people and in the semifinal matches and the final, between 7000 and 8000. Figures that must be analyzed in their just measure when the population of L’ALCÚDIA is approximately 12,500 inhabitants.

How a successful result has been achieved 30 years after his birth, we have to look for it in many factors:

  1. Precise objectives with a perfectly structured and coordinated internal organization that works with enthusiasm, tenacity and efficiency, formed by 45 people from all areas of this sporting event.
  2. A wide network of volunteers, 250 young people, boys and girls of the population and another 250 more from the region who contribute their special selfless contribution so that the event can take place. They participate in the most emotional moments of the tournament, such as the opening and closing ceremonies, accompany the visiting delegations and participate in the ceremonial events.
  3. The participation of 10 teams with more than 250 players (each delegation consists of 22 players and 5 more members). The importance of the tournament has led to the participation of the best U-20s in the world, who are now great stars of the national and international football world, such as: Raul Gonzalez, Iker Casillas, Cafu, Jordi Alba, Víctor Valdés, Busquets, Pedrito , Palop, Guti, De la Peña, Shevshenko, Albelda, Rufete, Alkiza, Nayim, Celades, Marcelhinno, Marcelo Salas, Rebrov, Óscar, Molina, Milla, Portillo, Jordi Cruyff, Cacá, Coloccini, David Navarro, Alexis, Rafa Márquez , Daniel Alves; Isco … as a sample of the great level and the highest degree of quality that has been reached in the sporting aspect. Also the presence of coaches of great renown, in many cases authentic legends in the football world, have put the finishing touch to the event. We can mention some as: Vicente del Bosque (current national coach), Víctor Púa, Maceda, José A. Iribar, Gus Hiddings, Luís Costa, Xavier Subirats, Víctor Espárrago, Luís Aragonés, López Ufarte, Jesús Pereda, Héctor Cúper, Voro, Paco Buyo, Benito Floro, Toni Grande, J. Manuel Asensi, Pekerman, Ben Bareck …
  4. An extensive refereeing team with 72 national referees coordinated by the VTCFR (Valencian Territorial Committee of Football Referees). In this case, how could it be otherwise, also have been the best those who have wanted to participate and contribute their experience to increase the prestige and quality of the competition. Referees have participated: Bayarri Ribelles, Peraita Ibáñez, García Carrión, García de Loza, Pérez Gallego, Ansuátegui Roca, Marco Ramos, Fernández Marín, Urízar Azpitarte, Marco Ramos, Lizondo Cortés, Ayza Gámez, Mateu Lahoz …
  5. The sanitary aspect has also involved a large team of fully gifted people, with doctors, physiotherapists, ATS, all of them supported by 100 volunteers (boys and girls) of the local and regional Red Cross.
  6. The security of such a large event is in the hands of more than 50 agents; composed by the Local Police, members of the Civil Guard and Private Security Guards. The most important days and the largest number of people. The semifinals and the grand final, increases its number with an endowment of the special body of the Civil Guard.

But the tournament is also something more than sport, it is also culture, dissemination, but also exchange and that is why important aspects such as the spectacular opening and closing ceremonies that aim to show aspects of our traditions are not overlooked and our particular way of being. For this we have been lucky to have extraordinary people and two great choreography artists such as Enric Gimeno and José Tomás Cháfer.

The poster announcing the event, which will later be glued to every corner of the Valencian Community, is commissioned each year to a famous painter from the region: Manuel Boix, Adriá Pina, Rafael Armengol, Rafa Tormo, Oreto Cruzá, Isaac Blasco, José Martínez, Enric Solves, Paco Castelló …

They have organized exhibitions and plastic representations linked to sport that have moved from the football field to the House of Culture, thus twinning the two areas of human formation: body and mind. It has even gone further and have taken to the streets and squares these plastic representations to involve all the people.

Sports and plastic arts work in unison to convert, during the summer, L’ALCÚDIA into the most important sports and cultural center of the Region of the Ribera.

All this is stored memory with the preparation of the 10.000 books published in each tournament, which collects the cultural and sporting aspects of the teams that participate every year in the COTIF.

But the COTIF goes further and does not neglect the wishes of the youngest and in parallel and at the same time that their older brothers play their games, the COTIF Promises is organized, a tournament in which more than 600 children of the district and that brings together more than 3000 people.

It has succeeded in deluding a town and a region taking football as a center of interest but opening its arms to any aspect or plot that helps to grow as people; both in the body and in the spirit; fostering participation, teamwork, mutual respect, knowledge of others, solidarity and all the values that make us more human.

The importance of the tournament is so great that there is a large number of representatives of players and scouts from all over the world who are looking for future stars to form the templates of the first division teams, both Spanish and foreign leagues.

All this has turned the COTIF of L’ALCÚDIA-VALÈNCIA into the most important tournament in the world, in its category, except for the RFEF, UEFA or FIFA officials.

In the aspect of sponsors we have the unconditional support and collaboration of the CITY COUNCIL OF L’ALCÚDIA; of the GENERALITAT VALENCIANA and of the PROVINCIAL DEPARTMENT OF VALENCIA.



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