President COTIF


When it is at the gates of turning 35 years of life, the COTIF takes stock of a part of its long history.

If we take a look at the championships that are taking place around the world in its category, it is quite difficult to find one that persists in the many years in a row like the Tournament that since 1984 decided to organize a group of ” Alcudians in love with base football.”

But the prestige of a tournament does not mark only the time in which it is disputed, but the quality of the teams participating in the sporting event and, in this regard, we can say that the COTIF has got a doctorate cum laude because it has many players have gone through the “Field of the Arches” and then have triumphed in their respective teams or selections. Players who in many cases have become true football stars.

How much cumbersome satisfaction! How many emotions you live in! How many moments of concern we have spent! And then, again to start, year after year until you reach 35.

Hem passat per tants alts i baixos, hem viscut tants canvis que ara fas la vista arrere i quasi no t’ho creus. Recorde els dies que érem xicons i amb un grup de joves jugadors i un grapat d’aficionats ens n’anàrem a França a terres de Toni Real i allí sembràvem la terra d’il·lusions per fer un Torneig a l’Alcúdia que ens donara ganes de viure el futbol.

We have gone through so many ups and downs, we have experienced so many changes that you now look back and almost do not think so. Remember the days we were a couple and with a group of young players and a handful of enthusiasts we went to France in the lands of Toni Real and there we sowed the land of enthusiasm for a tournament in Alcudia that we will make you want to live soccer.

Van tindre un primer president que fou Emili Martínez Ferri, metge del poble, que juntament a un grapat d’hòmens, juntament a un Ajuntament que recolzà el projecte i a tot un poble que es volcà sencer, davant la iniciativa, li donaren cos i vida al COTIF de l’Alcúdia.

That trip filled us with enthusiasm and wanted to do something great for football. There we started a handful of football enthusiasts to move the barrier and after thinking very well we would open the doors to what is today the COTIF of Alcudia.

COTIF had a first president who was Emili Martínez Ferri, a doctor of the town, who, together with a handful of men, together with a town council that supported the project and a whole town that turned round, faced the initiative, gave body and life for the COTIF in l’Alcúdia.

Later, the presidency was attended by Uncle Rafel, Rafael Guerrero, who was president for seventeen years. There were the times of the bunkers of the army located in the Heretats school, time to have young players like Raul, Mendieta, Albelda, Rufete, Iván de la Peña, Guti, Sevchenko, Cafú, Marcelinho, Marcelo Salas, Dani Alves and many others walking around the town during those summer days.

Days of great efforts and that in the end we were always comforted by the Tournament week that all the people and now also the region came to enjoy the event.

They spent the years and the most modern era of the tournament came to us, Emili and Uncle Rafel already left us and now they took the testimony of the presidency Eliseu Gómez, formerly General Coordinator, Sports Councilor and coach, that great team that triumphed in Bollene-France, he and that group of young people were responsible for bringing the tournament to these days, in the modern era of television and social networks that have catapulted this sporting event further of our borders throughout the whole world.

Talking today about the COTIF is not anything, no, talking about the COTIF today is talking about innovation in football, research into new technologies, implementation of the new rules, in a word: «football in its purest form».

This year, in this 35th anniversary we could not stop moving forward with the structural changes, we made an open presentation around the world at the Deputy Palace in the city of Valencia and also we will spend for a few days in “the capital of the VAR” as a pilot test of video-arbitration here in Spain.

The group of the 20 professional referees of the First Spanish Division will be in charge of directing with their assistants all the matches of the COTIF of the 35th Anniversary, both those of Sub-20 and those of the Feminine, then the VAR will be implemented in the powerful league Spanish of the First Division.

One more proof of what the word COTIF means for the football world!

Una prova més de tot el que significa la paraula COTIF per al món del futbol!

Eliseu Gómez Tormos

President of COTIF